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Doggie Snax Herbal Incense

Doggie Snax Herbal Incense we’ve been able to bring back your favorite blends and we know Doggie Snax herbal incense is a fan favorite for good reason. Now is your chance to kick back and relax while enjoying an amazing aroma that sets the mood perfectly every time. Doggie Snax is perfect for a solo evening.

Doggie Snax spice starts with a base of damiana, uses marshmallow leaf to help combust the blend together and provide rich smoking texture. It’s then flavored by raspberry and peppermint leaf, to give notes of fruit and mint. There is the subtle scent of the resin of chamomile, which is slightly reminiscent of a summer garden.
Doggie Snax is all about changing the game. We threw out the old playbook here and formulated the ultimate blend for energetic fun. When you’re ready to party, this will be the choice for you.
The aroma that Doggie Snax incense gives off is light and earthy. Don’t let that trick you though, it’s a strong blend that will hit you fast. You’ll want to use this sparingly at first and burn more as needed.
If Doggie Snax herbal incense isn’t ground to your liking, you can grind it up more before use. This will ensure the best burning experience. Pack the blend tightly into your burning device to get a smooth blend. Then light the corner of the bowl and allow it to burn slowly. Placing it near an airflow source will ensure the best results.
It’s easy to see why Doggie Snax has been a consistent worldwide best selling incense for us the past 10 years.
Doggie Snax spice is one of the most famous blends of herbal incense. It is a fun mix that fills the room with a great aroma to have a great time. Doggie Snax has been around a long time and this 2019 blend is 100% legal in all 50 states. So, if you want to try one of the top tier blends, give Doggie Snax a shot.
You can purchase Doggie Snax in as little as 1.5 grams bags. These bags are priced at $15.99 which is a great deal. If you want to save some money, you can step up in the bigger sizes. The 4 grams bag is available for the cost of just 3 grams. The 10 grams bag is available for the cost of just 6 grams. Then the 25 grams bag is available for just the cost of 12 grams. The more buy, the more you save at
The mix is a nice blend of natural ingredients that are quite smooth and will burn well in any situation. The room will fill with the scent as your worries melt away. Most people who want to purchase Doggie Snax are looking for something with a stronger scent than most, but not overwhelming. So, it’s a perfect mix for most people to enjoy the aroma in the room.
This is a blend that has had many scent variations and many followers. While the other smell variations are gone, we were able to keep providing the wildly popular Doggie Snax herbal blends to consumers.
If you’re ready to go all in with Doggie Snax, check out the products here and make your first purchase. Remember that the more you buy, the more you save with our unique pricing structure! Doggie Snax is in stock now and ready to ship.

20 Bottles @ $15/Bottle, 40 Bottles @ $13/Bottle, 60 Bottles @ $11/Bottle, 100 Bottles @ $9/Bottle


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